Hemp & Kawakawa Balm 60ml

Hemp & Kawakawa Balm 60ml

Country Kitchen NZ

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Glides on easy for use on larger irritated areas on the skin such as dermatitis, rashes and scrapes. This herbal infused balm is to be used when a wound, cut or scrape has stopped weeping. This balm can then be used to barrier and heal the top layers, preventing and softening scars.

So what is in this balm?

 Foraged medicinal weeds including plantain, chickweed and comfrey infused extra virgin olive oil and wild harvested Kawakawa and Manuka infused in hemp oil.

This balm is an essential addition for the first aid kit. New Zealand has an abundance of wild weeds, herbs and native trees at arms reach. Before western medicine was readily available our ancestors would create medicines straight from the earth. To work along side and with nature enlightens the respect our surroundings. It's incredible once awakened what you see if you look a little deeper. Remember; all things have a purpose and belong to the great rhythm of life.

 Manuka oil - anti- bacterial and anti-fungal

KawaKawa oil- Harvested kawakawa with intention and Rongoa principles. Skin tonic, strengthens skin against damage of sun. Regulates oily and dry skin.

New Zealand Cold- pressed Hemp oil- Contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to aid in maintaining healthy skin. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Chickweed - . A soothing and cooling herb that is great for eczema and dermatitis due to the its anti-inflammatory actions.

Melissa Balm - Renown to heal herpes ( cold sores ). Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Plantain- Heals biles and stings. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Relieves burning, itching and pain with bites and stings.

Yarrow- The botanical name is named after achilles as he took this herb into battle with him to stop wounds from bleeding!