Little Mango, Why Choose Natural Deodorant?

Little Mango, Why Choose Natural Deodorant?

By Shop Originz

Little Mango, Why Choose Natural Deodorant?

The number one feedback recieved by Little Mango is that after trying and failing with other natural deodorants, people find that their natural deodorant actually works! Their specialised all natural formula doesn't try to cover smells with synthetic fragrance chemicals, or block pores with aluminium. Instead it neutralises the bacteria under your arms - leaving you completely odour-free.

That's why their all natural deodorant is so effective!

- No nasty synthetic chemicals
- Aluminium free, no sweat blockers
- No toxic synthetic fragrance chemicals 

A soft and creamy deodorant blend!

Our luscious natural deodorants are silky smooth and soft to apply - no gritty paste here! Little Mango natural deodorants moisturise and nourish your skin while leaving a soft, dry finish. How do our aluminium free deodorants work?

- Shea butter and mango butter moisturise
- Coconut oil is antibacterial
- Baking soda neutralises odours

- Tapioca helps absorb wetness 

Made in NZ naturally!

- Little Mango natural deodorants are proudly made in Aotearoa
- They keep it local and support small business

- They use eco-friendly packaging wherever we can, with glass jars #keepNZbeautiful (they're still working on the lids).

We are committed to only using the best natural ingredients. Our natural deodorants are perfect for everyone and:

100% natural deodorant for Men, Women and Teens!

- 100% natural and toxin free
- Sustainable

- Vegan and cruelty-free 

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